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As the founder and owner of the A infinity A (AIA) Ltd, I used to be an multi-media designer who worked with different companies and design agencies in London since 2006. I am always passion about design and filming industry. In 2011, i decided to have my own brand consultant and film production company which cover all-around branding projects including film production, branding strategy, advertisement, event organizing and exhibition curation.


I am working with many Chinese production and TV company to bridge and produce their filming project in the UK, Europe and U.S successfully since 2011. I manage from the budgeting, licensing, permission of filming, location, equipment to crew life in local. I am good at not only bilingual communication in English and Chinese, but also cultural problem shooting. There are many Chinese film production have to have me as a fixer in between two production team from different countries. I am good at taking care of Chinese crew and celebrities, also working with local crew in professional way to help the core production team no matter which country is. My valuable skill is perfect for international collaboration in film, TV, fashion and reality shows. 

Ariel Liu是旅英電影電視製片, 2011年成立A infinity A Ltd | Film production and Brand consultancy 主要針對中英歐洲美國方面影視製作執行與設計時尚品牌推廣. 


成立至今, 客戶包含中國騰訊, 湖南衛視, 明道工作室, 完美影視, AMF Creative, 芒果影視, 中國旅遊頻道...等國內大型影視廣告公司. 聯合製作並負責海外製片項目與團隊例如:勝女的代價, 如果我愛你, 流星花園2018, 花兒與少年2, 跟著明道去旅行1&2, Plus生活研究所真人秀, 咱們結婚吧電影版, 德國工匠精神紀錄片2018, MG GT 汽車廣告, LP Support 2016-2018 運動廣告, 2036電影短片, LIU JO 義大利時尚拍攝與微電影...等等. 


往來英國中國台灣美國歐洲各國, 製作團隊遍及全球, 為英國第一家華人執行製片公司.

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