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PRODUCED BY 北京中雅尼采广告有限公司

PRODUCER: 杨麒钰 & 允織


EU CO-PRODUCTION: A infinity A Films


Sponsored by Volkswagen Shanghai

上汽大眾汽車品牌 獨家冠名贊助

The edge of belief 2019 | 信仰的鋒芒 2019


The edge of belief (Chinese: 信仰的鋒芒) is a 2019 Chinese documentary series collaborate with German craftsmanship enterprise. In April 2018, the production team travel to the Germany to shoot nearly 20 companies by road trip for 6 weeks.

The series are including 300 years heritage porcelain company Meissen, world famous hand craft piano C. Bechstein, classic chair design master Thonet, Pen and pencil leading brand Pelikan and Faber-Castell. 70k euro Watch maker Benzinger and much more. From traditional to futurism craftsmanship made in German are all in this documentary.  It was first broadcast in Youku China, then made available on Tencent, iQty, YouTube and Travel China TV. The show has 8 episodes in this series. Please see link below for each episode:

(English with Chinese subtitle)


  • 第一集 心傳 / EP1: Meissen & Nesmuk:

Youtube link:

Tencent link:


  • 第二集 標竿 / EP2 Benchmark: C. Bechstein & Faber-Castell:

Youtube link:

Tencet link:

  • 第三集 精細 / EP3 Meticulous: Pelikan & Vickerm&Stoya:

Tencent link:


  • 第四集 雕琢 / EP4 Carving: Benzinger & Blue lobster

Tencent link:


  • 第五集 曲直 / EP5 Craft: Thonet & Patrik Muff & Jan Kath

Tencent link:


  • 第六集 相宜 / EP6 Design: Nomos & Jule Waibel

Tencent link:


  • 第七集 革新 / EP7 Innovation: ICAROS & Dennis Schäfer

Tencent link:


  • 第八集 凝遠 / EP8 Future: Autostadt & KUKA

Tencent link:

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